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WCG Manager History:

Windham Capital Group has a long history of capital raising.  Over the past 25+ years, we have represented some 
outstanding firms, and have raised in excess of 600mm in institutional assets.  Here are a few of our previous capital raises:

 Options Overwriting Manager
- $100mm in assets raised

Long Short Sector Hedge Fund Manager

- $150mm in assets raised

Institutional Global Distressed Manager
- $350mm in assets raised

Various Other Alternative Investment Managers
- $100mm in assets raised

Prior to this, principals of Windham Capital Group raised an additional $500mm in corporate dividend related programs and with various CTA's, spanning back to 1985.

For additional information on how Windham Capital Group can assist you and your asset raising efforts please email us at: russ@windhamcapitalgroup.com (or) call us: (617) 330 - 7474

Windham Capital Group | Manager History 
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